3A and 3B – What’s Next?

As previously explained (see information listed below), the results of the November 8, 2016 election resulted in a “no” vote on the mill levy and bond that Jeffco Public Schools needed to cover school funding and to fill some of the void created by state school funding cuts as a result of Amendment 23 from 2009. Jeffco Public School leaders are in the process of creating and establishing budgets for the upcoming 2017/18 school year. The district needs your feedback and urges you to weigh in with your comments. Your voice matters and your involvement is key.

As a result, a FAQ link has been established for you that explains the challenges facing our schools and provides answers regarding the proposed changes, including maps with the proposed new school boundaries. PLEASE share this link with anyone you know who may have questions.


This link offers a wealth of detail and information that will help you understand all the significant factors that are affecting these changes. At the end of the FAQ you will find additional links for more information. We urge you to read this information as it will help you prepare for the upcoming school year.

Earlier messages on this subject from your Lawrence PTA:

***Unfortunately, these measures were defeated by Jefferson County voters on November 8, 2016. Other school districts, however were more fortunate and prevailed throughout the state.***

Lawrence PTA voted to support the 3A mill bond levy and 3B bond in Jeffco on September 20, 2016.  This meant we needed many volunteers to help spread the word on the importance of supporting this effort on the November ballot.

Yes on 3A and 3B provided that Jeffco students and teachers would learn and work in a safe environment preparing all students in the district for college and the work force.

  • Providing students with the instruction, skills and hands-on learning necessary for success in college and the workplace, through the expansion of “STEM” programs (science, technology, math, and engineering), as well as arts, music and career/technical education.
  • Having a good teacher can make all the difference for our students in the classroom. Jeffco is committed to education excellence by attracting and retaining high quality teachers through a transparent and competitive compensation system.
  • The average school building in Jeffco is more than 45 years old.  110 elementary, middle, and high school buildings woils have received improvements long overdue including roofs, plumbing, electrical, lighting and mechanical systems; would have provided more opportunities for Jeffco students to learn in safe and quality learning environments by extending the life of these existing schools and better utilization of district facilities.

With the decision to support the mill levy override and bond, we asked for volunteers to help us advocate for the cause by canvassing businesses, neighborhoods, and Arvada City Council sharing the importance of these ballot items to gain their support for these much needed changes.

The Lawrence PTA Executive Board arranged information sharing at several PTA meetings, set up information tables at parent/teacher conferences, set up and distributed information flyers at our rummage sale, posted information on our website, and obtained yard signs for any members interested in displaying their support of this ballot initiative. We talked to voters at every opportunity, especially those who currently do not have children in Jeffco schools. We worked diligently in support of the ballot initiative.

What happens next? With the defeat of the mill levy and bond initiative Jeffco faces challenges to meet the needs of the district, especially in Northwest Arvada. Without the much needed funding the ballot initiative provided, the district now faces significant challenges including the possibility of split schedules, year-round school schedules, some school closures, and bussing to ease over crowding.

On Thursday, November 17, 2016 the Board of Education will be meeting to discuss the district Budget Process. District staff will brief the Board of Education members on the budget timeline and projections for state and local funding. Once this information is shared the Board will guide staff in preparing budget proposals and how to facilitate community engagement in the budget process. The Board will be looking for parent and community feedback which is where you are needed!

Look for more information through PTA as this effort progresses. We cannot succeed alone without your involvement. If you want to help advocate more actively contact PTA through our email address: LawrenceElemPTA@gmail.com

You can learn more about the 3A & 3B Mill Levy and Bond at the following websites:

Jeffco Public Schools Mill and Bond Information

Support Jeffco Schools


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