Welcome to Lawrence Elementary PTA!

We have many exciting activities, events, and wonderful experiences planned for this school year 2016/17. We hope you consider joining our wonderful team here at Lawrence, Arvada’s oldest school.  We are right in the heart of Olde Town and can practically touch the water tower from our front door.  Much of Arvada’s history is embedded all around us.

Our school is no different than others in that we rely on membership and volunteers to help us support our immediate community, teachers, students, and families.  We hope you will find your niche where you can contribute your time, expertise, skills, talents in some way.  It is always a rewarding experience where all are welcome.

Our executive board is made up of professionals that are also proud parents/grandparents giving our time because of our love of learning, sharing, and growing through the experiences that count most–those associated with our children. We appreciate the value of a good education that starts in the early years in elementary schools and that is why we view our teachers as incredible assets and necessary in the excellent education our children receive at Lawrence. We need your support to help them as much as we can!

We have many projects underway and others we would love to initiate and see through to fruition with your help.  Won’t you come join us?


Your Lawrence PTA Executive Board: Justine, Darla, Angela, Kerri, Lynn, and Mr. Benisch (school principal)

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