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We are very excited to announce a special fundraising program that just started at Lawrence Elementary on February 13, 2017. Lawrence Elementary PTA has coordinated with Westerra Credit Union to start a program for anyone who wants to help raise money for the school. How does it work?

Get $52.80 for Every Account Opened at Westerra

Use Westerra’s fundraising program to raise money for your school sport/activity or community organization while helping students and families learn about saving money and making smart financial choices. Westerra will donate $52.80 to your school/organization for each new service opened at Westerra. Take a look at how much you can earn:

Earn Money For Your Team or Activity While Promoting Financial Literacy

Why More Coloradans Are Choosing Westerra

Westerra is a local not-for-profit financial cooperative.
Originally organized by teachers, Westerra is committed to financial education.
Unlike banks, there are no stockholders. Everyone who has an account at the credit union is an owner.
Profits are returned to the school through lower fees and better rates.
You’ll find easy access through online banking, mobile banking, shared branches and free ATMs.
Everyone in the Denver metro area can participate.
How the Program Works:
When families come in to Westerra and mention Lawrence Elementary PTA, Westerra donates $52.80 to our organization for each account that is opened.
Checks are sent in January, April, July and October to our organization for all accounts opened in that quarter.
Frequently Asked Questions

To Open Accounts – Parents, students, friends and family can stop by any Westerra branch, conveniently located throughout the Denver metro area. Parent/guardian must accompany child or teen (0-17 years) with valid identification to open their accounts. Everyone in the Denver metro area can participate.

The following flyer was designed specifically for Lawrence Elementary and went home in Wednesday folders on February 22, 2017.

Lawrence Elementary PTA_WCU-Fundraising

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