2017-18 PTA Elections

Lawrence PTA Election of Officers for the 2017/18 School Year – April 18, 2017 at 4p.m.

This page is dedicated to the PTA elections at Lawrence. The layout was based on the most recent (2016) Bylaws adopted by the Lawrence Elementary PTA. The executive board received a request to share this information in simplified language versus in the standard parliamentary style.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: A nominating committee of three (3) PTA members forms two months prior to the election. The current nominating committee formed at the January 17, 2017 PTA meeting. Your nominating committee this year includes Lynn Huizing, Vanessa Lubojacky, and Judy Swift.
• The committee nominates one eligible person for each office to be filled and reports its nominees at the regular membership meeting at least 30 days prior to the election*.
• Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the election meeting.
• Only current members of PTA who have consented to serve, if elected, can be nominated.
• Names and bio’s are being accepted until March 7, 2017 at [email protected] or directly to Judy in the office. Brief written bio’s should include your name, why you are interested in running, skills/talents for that position.
• Candidate bios will be posted by email to the membership on March 7, 2017.
• Additional details shall be shared once the committee has a complete list of candidates.

*The election process/deadlines were affected this year due to Colorado PTA’s direction to extend the deadline for nominations. The pending school closures that were announced in early February were of consideration because Lawrence PTA was preparing to include some of the displaced Peck families. Those closures are no longer an issue.

1. Each elected officer is a current member of the PTA.
2. Lawrence PTA elects one: president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.
3. Elected officers make up the executive board – once elected they appoint a membership chair. The principal of the school is currently also an appointed officer. Together this group becomes the board of directors.
4. Election occurs in the month of March.
5. The vote is conducted by ballot and a majority vote shall elect.
a. no officer is permitted to serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office; and
b. a person who has served in an office for more than one half of a full term is considered to have served a full term in such office.
6. Officers assume their official duty July 1 and serve for a term of
one (1) year(s) or until their successors are elected and assume office.

1. President:
a. presides at all PTA meetings and board of directors meetings
b. serves as an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee and the financial review/audit committee
c. coordinates the PTA-related work of the officers and committees
d. performs other duties included in the Lawrence Elementary PTA bylaws, prescribed by the parliamentary authority, or directed by the board of directors
e. appoints standing committee chairmen with the approval of the board of directors, except for the nominating and financial review/audit committees chairmen
f. appoints special committees as needed, with the approval of the board of directors
g. appoints the PTA liaison to the school’s accountability committee, with the approval of the board of directors
Vice President:
a. serves as assistant to the president
b. performs the duties of the president in the president’s absence or inability to serve
c. performs other duties included in the Lawrence Elementary PTA bylaws, prescribed by the parliamentary authority, or directed by the board of directors
a. records the minutes of all meetings of the Lawrence Elementary PTA and board of directors
b. is prepared to read the records of any previous meetings
c. emails typed minutes to PTA membership
d. files and maintains all records
e. has a current copy of the bylaws
f. retains a current membership list
g. prepares the agenda for monthly PTA meetings based on agenda items requested by members and the Executive Board
h. performs other duties as included in the bylaws, prescribed by the parliamentary authority or as directed by the president, or the board of directors
a. has custody of the funds of this PTA
b. maintains a full account of the funds of this PTA
c. makes disbursements as authorized by the president, the board of directors or the membership of this PTA in accordance with the budget adopted by this local PTA
d. is one of the authorized signers on all PTA accounts. Signers of the PTA accounts cannot have disbursement authority over school/school district funds
e. maintains and keeps a full and accurate account of the receipts and disbursements in the books belonging to the Lawrence Elementary PTA
f. provides a financial report to the board of directors and the membership at each meeting
g. provides an annual report of the financial condition of the association to the membership at the meeting following the financial review/audit
h. submits the books annually for a financial review/audit by an auditor or a financial review committee selected by the board of directors. A check signatory may not be the auditor or a member of the committee. The financial review must be completed within thirty (30) days of the close of the fiscal year. A report of the completed review will be presented to the board of directors for adoption at the first general board meeting after the completion of the review. A copy is submitted to Colorado PTA
h. performs other duties included in the Lawrence Elementary PTA bylaws, prescribed by the parliamentary authority, or directed by the board of directors


1. In the event the president is absent or for some reason is unable to serve, the remaining officers serve in the following designated order: vice president, secretary, treasurer.
2. Hold regular meetings as the executive board to discuss business, events, and responsibilities.
3. Prepare, coordinate and participate regularly in PTA-hosted school events.
4. Maintain and update the Lawrence PTA website.
5. Collect and prepare Box Tops from the school and submit the completed collection for payment.
6. Attend and participate in BAC (Business Accountability Meetings) with the school principal and BAC committee.
7. Attend trainings and meetings as needed through Jeffco PTA and Colorado PTA.

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